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Dispensary FAQs -- Dispensary Near Me, Products & More

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As adult-use cannabis becomes legal in Maryland on July 1, 2023, we expect an influx of people to visit a cannabis dispensary for the very first time. At CULTA, we welcome customers 21+, regardless of “skill level”, and are here to answer any and all of your questions. We truly believe there is no such thing as a dumb question, especially when it comes to marijuana. For now, here are some of the most common questions we get from newbies about finding a dispensary and visiting one for the very first time. 

What is a dispensary? 

A dispensary is a brick-and-mortar location that sells cannabis, also known as marijuana or flower. Depending on the legality of cannabis in your state, they may be called medical pharmacies or referred to more casually as headshops or marijuana stores. Sometimes it’s even shortened to just “dispo.”

What do dispensaries sell? 

Most dispensaries sell a wide variety of products, while others may be more limited in their selection. If you’re looking for a specific product or brand, you can call the dispensary before visiting to discuss their inventory. Here’s what you can usually find at most dispensaries: 

Currently, CULTA carries all of these items. Our inventory is constantly changing, so you can view our menu online before stopping in or give us a ring. 

How do I find a dispensary near me? 

The easiest way to find a dispensary near you is to do a Google search. You’ll see a list of dispensaries within your vicinity, but this is where you’ll need to do your due diligence and check out their inventory, pricing, deals, and unbiased reviews. There are also online directories, like the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), that list dispensaries, processors, and growers that are operating legally within the state. 

CULTA currently has three locations. Our flagship location in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore has been open for 5 years and was voted the best dispensary in West/South Baltimore by MJ Connect. We’ve also acquired Kannavis in the Urbana neighborhood of Frederick and Greenhouse Wellness in the Dorsey’s Search neighborhood of Ellicott City. You can also find our products at any of our partner dispensaries. 

What do I need to bring with me when I visit a dispensary? 

If you’re visiting CULTA after July 1, 2023, you’ll need to bring a valid photo I.D. showing that you’re 21+. Valid identification includes a driver’s license, state-issued I.D. (any state- not just Maryland!), passport, military I.D. or tribal card from any jurisdiction. 

We also recommend bringing cash, as many dispensaries are cash-only, and those that do accept cards typically charge a convenience fee. 

How do I know if a dispensary is reputable?

Finding a reputable dispensary is key -- it’s the only way to be sure that you’re consuming lab-tested cannabis that’s free from impurities.  You can check the MCA website for a full list of licensed dispensaries, and check out their online reviews for some insights on customer service and selection. 

What qualities should I look for in a dispensary? 

Like any other retail store, you’ll visit some good dispensaries and some not-so-great ones. While it’s mostly a matter of personal preference, there are some non-negotiables that you should look for in every dispensary you visit. Those include: 

  • Parking - most dispensaries have dedicated parking, especially for those who order online for curbside delivery.
  • Perks for medical patients - if you’re a medical patient, keep an eye out for special benefits, like express/priority lines and dedicated store hours. 
  • Knowledgeable budtenders - a reputable dispensary will employ helpful and knowledgeable budtenders who will be able to answer your questions and help you find the right products. 
  • Deals - customers can save money by being smart; keep an eye on your favorite dispensary’s social media or online menu for deals of the day or sales. 

What is a budtender? 

A budtender is a general name given to the behind-the-counter employees at a cannabis dispensary. Like bartenders, budtenders help customers find the right products and educate them about cannabis. Some dispensaries call them patient coordinators, retail staff members, or sales associates; regardless of their name, they all have the same goal: to educate and provide consultative services. If you’re heading to a dispensary for the first time, here are some helpful tips for interacting with your budtender. 

It’s important to remember that budtenders are not doctors -- they can help you find products that are known to alleviate certain symptoms. Still, if you’re hoping to use cannabis for a medical condition, you should always speak with your physician first. Our budtenders are award-winning and ready to help! 

How do I find deals? 

Similar to other retail stores, dispensaries have sales and deals. Some dispensaries run daily deals (Terp Tuesday, Wax Wednesday, etc.), and most run more aggressive sales on days like 4/20, Green Friday,  and 710 Day. If you find a dispensary you like, we recommend signing up for their email or text program. This way, you’ll be the first to know about exclusive deals or offerings. 

Dispensaries also have less advertised deals, like industry discounts and exclusive deals for veterans. For example, since 22 veterans a day commit suicide due to PTSD and other wartime traumas, veterans can save 22% at CULTA with ID proof. 

What does order online mean? 

Since marijuana is still federally illegal, you can’t actually buy cannabis online. Rather, you’re “reserving” it online for curbside pick-up or delivery. Dispensaries often list their inventory online as a “menu”, which can be very beneficial if you’re looking for a specific product or brand. This way, you don’t waste time driving to a dispensary that doesn’t carry what you’re looking for. 

You can find our menu here, and we have an Android and iOS mobile app for customers who are on the go. If you’d like to browse different menus in one place,,,, and are good places to start. 

Does CULTA accept credit cards? 

Kind of! We recommend our customers pay in cash, but if you forgot to stop at the ATM on the way to our dispensary, that’s OK! We offer Cashless ATM (pay with a debit card for a small fee) or you can pay via debit card by creating an account at and linking it to your bank account. 

*Since cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, many cannabis companies can’t bank with traditional banks. This is why most dispensaries can’t accept traditional credit cards.

Does CULTA deliver? 

No, we do not deliver at this time. As previously mentioned, though, medical patients can save time by ordering online for curbside pickup!  

Where can I go to learn more about cannabis? 

Our blog is full of informational content about cannabis. We have an entire section called “Cannabis 101” that focuses exclusively on educational content, but we also explore the Cannabiz and Health & Wellness in addition to other themes. Here are some great educational blogs to help you get started: