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About Us

CULTA’s founders vowed in 2015 to create a Maryland owned and operated craft cannabis brand that focuses on product quality. From hand-selected strains to exclusive partner brands to investing in people and local communities, CULTA is a socially conscious company that has never lost sight of that commitment.

Headquartered in Bethesda, CULTA is a vertically integrated cannabis company that cultivates, extracts, processes, distributes and retails cannabis and cannabis-related products. CULTA proudly grows all its own cannabis in processing facilities in Cambridge and sells product in its flagship Baltimore dispensary.

CULTA products are also available in dispensaries throughout the state.

CULTA promises to only sell products we’d be proud to use ourselves and strive to work with the best cultivators and geneticists in the industry. Catering to premium consumers, we take pride in our high-quality flower, concentrates, extracts, and edibles, and are determined to change the unfounded perceptions of cannabis by demonstrating corporate responsibility.

From the moment you’re introduced to CULTA, you’ll notice the difference: a community of like-minded souls with a passion for cannabis perfection.

CULTA, one of the largest indoor/outdoor cannabis farms on the East Coast, is Maryland’s most trusted source of premium cannabis. At CULTA, we love our jobs and we take cannabis farming and production seriously. Everyone from our owners down to our seasonal harvesters takes pride in their work and enjoys the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to make an important, safe, quality cannabis product available locally to the patients who need it most.

The Science of Cannabis Production

As any farmer can tell you, growing plants is so much more than water and sunshine — it’s science. And the scientists we employ here at CULTA use the most innovative technology to cultivate the healthiest, purest, most potent cannabis plants for our patients and wholesale partners. We are constantly working on research and development and quality control — ask us about our participation in third-party laboratory testing for purity.

Local Cannabis Distributors

Reputation is everything in the wholesale medical cannabis industry. While integrity is essential to any successful business, when you consider the scale and scope of a multi-million-dollar cannabis company, you can understand why we believe every tiny detail matters. Our Maryland partners place their confidence in us for many reasons, but an important one is that we are 100% locally owned and operated.

The Best in Customer Service

Our sales and customer service teams put countless hours into learning every detail about each of our cannabis products so that we can help our clients select the best wholesale medical cannabis products for their dispensaries.

Knowledge of the industry and the role our wholesale cannabis products play in it is a big factor in what makes CULTA so successful. While it’s important to us to offer a good selection of wholesale cannabis products, what is more important is the quality and purity of these products. To provide our wholesale partners with the variety and diversity of products we know they want, we supplement our offerings with partner products, including wholesale edibles, tinctures, oils, creams and more.

Top-Shelf Cannabis

At CULTA, we’re excited for the future of cannabis in Maryland and throughout the U.S. As one of the state’s premier medical cannabis distributors, we expect nothing but continued progress in product development and expansion of our cultivation space.

The CULTA Promise

CULTA takes pride in its consciously cultivated flower, concentrates and extracts. CULTA’s team would never sell you a product they wouldn’t be proud to use themselves. CULTA invests in employees, the communities it serves and will never lose focus on putting quality first.

Additionally, CULTA cares about giving back to the community because together we can help decriminalize the use of cannabis.



  • We value everyone and work collaboratively across all backgrounds.

  • We are dedicated to the professional development of both our teams and ourselves.
  • We are proud to work for CULTA; we have passion for the work we do and hold ourselves accountable to do the right thing.
  • We strive to exceed expectations in our products and customer service.

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