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The CULTA Blog

cravo system

Interview with Richard Vollebregt, CEO and President of Cravo

If you’re a cannabis company that’s interested in Cravo, click for CULTA’s interview with Cravo’s President and CEO, Richard Vollebregt.
computer screen at store

710 Tips for Retailers

Also known as “the new 420,” 710 is commonly referred to as the International Day of the Dab. Here’s how you can boost sales on July 10th.
clean green certification

What is Clean Green Certification?

In the cannabis world, earning the coveted Clean Green Certified designation is the closest thing to “organic” that cannabis can get. Learn more about the process.
photo of a trimmer sorting buds at CULTA

Career Spotlight: Cannabis Trimmer

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a cannabis trimmer, from experience and education to career prospects and job outlook.
woman in yellow sitting at desk

How to Conduct a Mid-Year Review of Your Budtenders

Whether you’re a new cannabis entrepreneur or simply looking for a refresher guide, here are some tips about how to conduct a mid-year review of your budtenders.
lady bug on green plant stem

How to Use Beneficial Insects to Protect Your Cannabis Plants

If you’re a cannabis cultivator who is curious about beneficial insects and how they can help your cannabis plants, read this blog for more information.
culta pop up display

Five Benefits of a CULTA Pop-up at Your Dispensary

If you’re curious about what a CULTA pop-up can do for you, here are five benefits of partnering with us for your next dispensary pop-up.
cannabis security officer

Career Spotlight: Cannabis Security Consultant

In our next career spotlight, we’ll explore the training, skillset, and day-to-day of a security consultant in the cannabis industry.

What's the National Cannabis Industry Association?

If you’re involved in the cannabis trade, you’ll need to know the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Learn more here.
budtender working behind the counter

How to Get Into the Cannabis Industry

So, how can you find the perfect job in the cannabis industry or start a cannabis business of your own? Here are some helpful tips.