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710 Tips for Retailers

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Is your cannabis business ready for 710? 

According to The Leaf Online, 710 dates back to 2011, although the exact origin remains a mystery. 710 began as a day to focus on cannabis oil and concentrates. This is because the numbers “710” resemble the word “OIL” when turned upside-down.

Most cannabis stores report an increase in sales on July 10th, similar to the boost they experience on April 20, whether or not they engage in a special marketing campaign. 

Here’s a 710 guide for retailers to help your cannabis business take advantage of the buzz. Some of the 710 tips for retailers that you'll find in this guide include: 

  • Focus on cannabis oil
  • Emphasize CBD oil to expand your audience
  • Encourage customers to try new types of cannabis
  • Remember that 710 day is for everyone 

Remember, It’s About Cannabis Oil

Although many consumers consider 710 to be a second 420, remember to keep the focus of this day on cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. Retailers may wish to offer special discounts on these products on July 10th, or a few days before or after. 

Along with special discounts, your marketing materials can emphasize the unique properties of cannabis oil and oil-based products. Because cannabis oil is newer than other methods of cannabis consumption, there are many consumers who have never tried it and may not understand what makes it special. 

Use 710 as an opportunity to educate consumers about cannabis oil by providing facts such as:

  • Cannabis oil is smokeless and can be ingested directly, used in a vaporizer, or consumed in capsules
  • Cannabis oil is more potent than other forms of cannabis
  • Cannabis oil extracts are highly refined, separating the essential oils and cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) from the plant material

Emphasize CBD Oil to Expand Audience

710 is also a perfect time for cannabis retailers to promote CBD oil. This allows you to expand your audience to consumers who may be new to cannabis. You may consider offering a special 710 discount to first-time buyers. 

Remind consumers that CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical found in cannabis that is not psychoactive. As a result, CBD products are very appealing to consumers who wish to reap the many health benefits of cannabis without feeling impaired. 

In the CBD market, oil is a very popular product. People take CBD oil directly or use it in food, beverages, or apply it to the skin. Your business can use 710 to promote its CBD oil products in addition to other types of cannabis oil, extracts, and concentrates.

Encourage Consumers to Try New Types of Cannabis

With special marketing and promotions, you can encourage your customers to try new types of cannabis on 710. This is an excellent time to get creative! Our favorite 710 ideas revolve around food and beverages. After all, cannabis oils are one of the key ingredients in most edibles. 

Instead of buying their usual cannabis-infused snacks, why not encourage your customers to purchase pure cannabis oil and create their own edibles at home? Just remember that making cannabis oil at home is illegal and highly dangerous. 

Here are some recipes that use cannabis oil or CBD oil:

1. Cannabis Oil Ice Cream

Pour 2 cups of heavy cream into a pan and simmer over medium heat. In a separate pan, melt cannabis oil into ⅔ cup sugar. Then, choose your ice cream ingredients -- fresh berries, bananas, chocolate chips, or Oreo cookies -- and smash in a bowl. Combine all ingredients into a mixer and blend thoroughly. Pour mixture into an airtight container and freeze overnight.

2. Cannabis Oil “Bulletproof” Coffee Shake

A twist on bulletproof-style MCT coffee, begin by brew flesh black coffee. Allow the coffee to cool to room temperature or leave it in the fridge overnight. Combine one serving of coffee with 1 cup coconut cream, 1 cup ice cubes, 2 tbsp. cannabis oil, and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. Add sweetener to taste. Pour all ingredients into a blender and mix until the ice has been crushed but not completely melted.

3. Cannabis Oil Brownies

Whether it’s  420 or 710, this traditional dessert is a classic. The easiest way to make your own cannabis brownies, use your favorite store-bought brownie mix and substitute cannabis oil for regular cooking oil. Combine all ingredients, bake, and cool before serving.

710 Is For Everyone

With 710 just around the corner, it’s time to get excited about this day. As retailers, 710 is another great opportunity to connect with your community and invite consumers to celebrate cannabis culture. With our 710 guide for retailers, July 10th will help your sales continue to grow.


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