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Green Friday: What Medical Cannabis Patients Need to Know

budtender at culta dispensary counter

In the last few years, cannabis retailers nationwide have been pushing “Green Wednesday” or “Green Friday” as prime shopping days for cannabis users. Last year, cannabis dispensaries saw an 80% increase in interest the day before Thanksgiving, leading to a record $238 million during the 2020 Thanksgiving weekend -- and this was during a global pandemic when many cannabis dispensaries were limited to online ordering/curbside pickup.

If you’re curious about Green Wednesday, Green Friday, its history, and what it means for you as a cannabis patient in Maryland, keep reading for more information. 

Where did Green Friday come from? 

Technically, Green Friday started as an offshoot of Green Wednesday, so we’ll discuss the origin of Green Wednesday in this section. Green Wednesday is believed to have been coined by Eaze, a popular cannabis delivery service, in 2016. They happened to notice that there was a seasonal increase in traffic the day before Thanksgiving, so they started using the term in their marketing materials. 

Eventually, dispensaries and brands across the country started offering holiday-specific events, not unlike mainstream brick-and-mortars did on Black Friday. Some dispensaries, like CULTA, opt for a direct Black Friday replacement (ex: Green Friday) in lieu of Green Wednesday. Regardless, Thanksgiving weekend continues to be a top money earner for cannabis dispensaries and retailers nationwide. 

Why do people buy more on Green Wednesday? 

Your theory is as good as ours -- seriously. Although Green Wednesday and Friday are among the top cannabis sales days of the year, nobody has really dug into why there’s so much interest on those days. But, there are some theories. Some believe that cannabis patients are stocking up on their medication before the dispensaries close for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now that Green Wednesday/Friday has caught on, many flock to cannabis dispensaries during those days, while another theory is that those who are traveling to a recreational state may want to visit a local dispensary. 

What kind of discounts can I expect? 

The discounts offered on Green Friday vary from dispensary to dispensary, so the best thing to do is contact your local dispensary directly.  They’ll not only be able to tell you what’s in inventory, but they can also provide clarification on what kind of a discount you’ll be looking at. Since Green Friday is meant to coincide/be similar to Black Friday, most sales fall in line with the sales offered by mainstream department stores and brick-and-mortars. 

Which items are usually discounted? 

Again, this depends on the dispensary you’re going to, but usually you can find the below cannabis categories offered during Green Friday: 

  • New strains - Cannabis companies have started to take advantage of Green Fridays’ notoriety to build momentum for new products. Since Green Friday closely follows Croptober, many cannabis companies have successfully harvested their crop and are ready to release new strains. 

  • THC-infused beverages - THC and CBD-infused beverages have the biggest uptick  in the days leading up to Thanksgiving -- Headset estimates that increase to be in excess of 90%! Plus, many canna-beverages have lower levels of THC, making them a better option for patients who are interested in microdosing. 

  • CBD products - CBD products are often marketed during Green Friday sales since there’s so much variety (lotions, capsules, sprays, vapes, etc.) and they make for great end-cap displays. If you visit a dispensary on Green Friday, don’t be surprised to find majorly discounted CBD products. 

Again, for the specifics on what you’ll find at your local dispensary, contact them directly to ask questions. They’ll be happy to help! 

Data from last year’s Green Wednesday

Data from 2020 shows that Green Wednesday was the single biggest cannabisday of 2020 (yes--bigger than even 4/20 or 7/10!), with medical consumers spending an average of $122.64 (a 5% increase over the usual daily average.) 2020 was also the first time in four years that Green Wednesday exceeded Black Friday , which also saw a 75% increase. For more data and a breakdown by product category, age group, and gender, click here. 

Tips for visiting your local dispensary 

Whether you visit CULTA or another medical dispensary this year on Green Friday, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Since it’s a popular day for stocking up on medical cannabis, you can expect the dispensary to be busier than usual. The dispensary may be out of certain items or, due to the holidays, may not have received a shipment in time. Contact the dispensary ahead of time if you have any questions about their inventory. And, most importantly, don’t forget your MMCC card and a valid form of identification -- you’ll need to present both of these before you can step foot in a Maryland dispensary. 

Heading to a dispensary for the first time? Check out these tips on interacting with your budtender.