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What is 710 Day?

cannabis oil

You've heard of 420, but April 20th isn't the only day of the year cannabis aficionados circle on their calendar. 710, or July 10th, focuses on highlighting cannabis in all its forms, particularly oils, concentrates, and dabs.

But if you’ve never heard of 710 before, you’re not alone. 710 still isn’t as well-known or as popular as 420. It’s much newer, dating back to 2012. Compared with 420, there are also fewer mainstream pop culture references to 710. However, 710 awareness continues to grow each year. 

We’ve prepared the following basic guide to help you get the most out of 710 Day this year. Whether it’s your first time hearing about 710 or you’re a 710 veteran, the information below is sure to be helpful. Once you’ve learned about 710, you can also spread the word to your friends and family.

What is 710?

710, or 7/10, is widely considered to be a holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, including dabs and concentrates. If you turn 710 upside down it spells OIL, a word that's used to describe cannabis products that are highly potent (hash oil, shatter, wax, resin, etc.) 710 day occurs annually on July 10th, or 7/10. 

What Makes 710 Different From 420? What is 710?

If this is your first time hearing about 710, you’re probably wondering what, if anything, makes this day different from 420. Although both days honor cannabis culture, there are several key differences. 

420 is more general and centers around all forms of cannabis. 710 focuses on cannabis oil, concentrates, extracts, and dabs. In fact, some refer to 710 as International Dab Day.

This means retailers and cannabis media will emphasize oils, concentrates, extracts, and dabs on 710. Many cannabis websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels produce special content about dabbing that they release on or around 7/10. You may encounter 710 online content that focuses on:

  • Dabbing basics
  • Alternative uses for cannabis oil, extracts, and concentrates
  • Information about CBD oil
  • Information about specific cannabis blends used in oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs

You can also expect cannabis retailers to offer 710 sales and promotions. Many companies offer discounts or “buy one get one free” offers on 710. These sales promotions may include cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, and dabs, as well as accessories.

Why Is It Called 710?

Unlike the origins of 420, no one knows exactly who invented 710, but some sources attribute the creation of 710 Day to rapper and cannabis activist Taskrok. 

According to an interview with The Leaf Online, Taskrok and his friends were interested in picking a day to consume cannabis dabs but wanted to choose an alternative to 420. Taskrok suggested July 10th because 710 looks like “OIL” spelled upside-down. 

However, Taskrok denies ownership of 710’s origins, telling The Leaf Online, “I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now.”

Info For First-Time Dabbers on 710

Cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, and dabs are relatively newer forms of cannabis consumption. If you’ve never tried them, 710 is an opportunity to broaden your horizons. Wondering where to start? You can always ask your local retailer’s budtenders for help getting into oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs. Additionally, this info can help you get started:

The Dabbing Process

The process of dabbing may sound more complex than smoking cannabis or consuming an edible, but it’s actually quite simple. When dabbing, you place a small amount of cannabis oil, extract, concentrate or wax (known as a “dab”) onto a heated surface. Usually, this surface is a metal or ceramic chamber inside a vaporizer or similar device. The heat causes the cannabis to release a cloud of cannabinoids, which you then inhale.

Why People Dab

You may be wondering why people consume cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, or dabs instead of smoking or eating cannabis. There are several reasons why some cannabis users prefer these methods

First, dabbing causes the effects of cannabis to “kick in” much sooner. Often, it only takes a few seconds for users to feel the effects of cannabis after dabbing. Many also feel that cannabis oils, concentrates, extracts, and dabs are a better value because they’re much more potent than other cannabis methods. When properly stored, they also stay fresher longer.

Second, the vapor produced by cannabis oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs is less harsh on your lungs. These methods are considered “smoke-free.” Users who have respiratory issues or dislike the feeling of normal smoke often prefer to dab instead of consuming cannabis in a pipe or joint. 

Types of Dabs

If you’re interested in dabbing on 710, you’ll find a wide variety of cannabis oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs available for consumption. As with other types of cannabis, dabs are available in sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties. 

You can also find cannabis oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs that are CBD dominant. 

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