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two girls sitting by lake

How to Help a Friend Who smoked too much

Someone who gets too high may experience anxiety, paranoia, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you’re ever with a friend who gets too high, here’s how you can help.
Interview with Keisha Reed CEO of Explore Maryland Cannabis

Interview with Keisha Reed, CEO of Explore Maryland Cannabis

CULTA's Marketing VP Renier Fee reached out to Explore Maryland Cannabis CEO Keisha Reed to get the scoop on building a strong community foundation and expanding the ecosystem.
"the future is female" sign at rally

Five Maryland Women We Admire in the Cannabiz

This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate some local cannabis advocates we can’t help but admire. Read on for some trailblazers in the DMV area.

Interview with The High 5 Initiative

Join us as we interview Phil, the Executive Director of The High 5 Initiative.
Michelle Sprawls working in the CULTA lab

Seven Top 10's with CULTA Lab Director Michelle Sprawls

In honor of 710 Day, the July 10th day of recognition for "OIL," CULTA's Laboratory Director Michelle Sprawls shared her seven top 10 list of favorites.