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Six Unique Benefits of Pre-Ground Flower

photo of pre-ground cannabis flower into tiny flakes

Although extracts and edibles are certainly growing in popularity, cannabis flower continues to be the top seller in dispensaries. Per Flowhub, flower accounted for 61% of cannabis sales across the past three years alone. Within the flower category, there are lots of options for patients to explore. Patients can purchase small one-hitters, huge jars filled with big buds, carefully crafted pre-rolls, and packs of pre-ground flower. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the unique benefits of pre-ground flower, from its convenience to environmental impact.  

More convenient 

Short on time? Don’t have the patience to deal with grinding? If you’re constantly on-the-go and prefer to take your medication without much hassle, you may want to consider pre-ground cannabis flower. Similar to how some people purchase coffee beans whereas others prefer the convenience of ground coffee, not everyone has the time (or the patience) to sit and grind their own flower. Whether you’re a busy working professional, a stressed out college student, or a grandparent who is constantly chasing around their grandkids, pre-ground flower takes much of the hassle out of taking your medication. 

Doesn't require additional tools

Let’s be honest, some consumption methods require a bunch of accessories and tools, many of which can be bulky and expensive. If you lead a minimalist lifestyle and prefer to cut down on stuff in general, pre-ground flower is a great option for you. By purchasing pre-ground flower, you can effectively avoid having to purchase a grinder, a rolling tray, and other accessories those who grind their own flower have to use. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning your grinder, losing a piece, or researching how fine or coarsely you should be grinding your flower. 

Simply put, if you leave the grinding to the experts you can cut down on accessories and rest easy knowing your grind is consistent and reliable. 

More accessible 

Accessibility is a hot topic, as it should be. Everyone deserves to be able to travel, dine in a restaurant, or use a website regardless of their physical or mental disabilities. The same concept should be applied to something as important as medication. Some patients, such as those with arthritis or other muscle conditions, may have trouble opening childproof jar lids. Others, such as those missing a limb or temporarily in a cast, may have issues with operating a grinder. Still others, such as those who use cannabis for seizure disorders, need their medication quickly and may not have time to grind. 

Fortunately, pre-ground flower is accessible to all, which is one major benefit it has over other types of more complex cannabis products on the market. 


Just as grocery stores only display the most colorful and beautiful produce that’s free from blemishes and other imperfections, many in the cannabis industry have the same mentality. Many cannabis manufacturers only want the most perfect buds to be displayed in their jars, and for good reason -- patients see the cannabis before they’re able to smell or taste it, so that very first glance really matters. If you make a conscious effort to purchase pre-ground cannabis flower, you’re giving a “second life” to cannabis buds that aren’t large enough or pretty enough to be displayed within a case. 

A common misconception is that pre-ground flower is of lesser quality since it comes from smaller buds. In this case, size doesn’t matter -- how big a cannabis bud is has no impact on its potency or flavor! 

A good choice for cooking 

Many patients prefer to cook with cannabis, and the most important ingredient in cannabis edibles is cannabutter. Although pre-made cannabutter can be purchased from some dispensaries, many patients opt to make their own, particularly those who enjoy being in the kitchen. Pre-ground flower is the essential component in cannabutter, but if you’ve ever tried to make your own cannabutter you know it requires a lot of cannabis. Rather than sitting and grinding bud after bud of cannabis to get the required amount of ground cannabis for cannabutter, many patients prefer to purchase pre-ground cannabis. 

The other thing to remember when you make your own cannabutter is that consistency is key. Pre-ground flower will almost always be more consistent in its grind than cannabis you grind by hand.

More cost-effective burn

Finally, pre-ground flower can be used in conjunction with whole flower to help stretch your medication as far as it can go. Here’s how: by adding a little pre-ground flower to your whole flower bowls or joints, it will actually help fill in the gaps perfectly without forcing you to go through more whole flower in one sitting. Additionally, pre-ground flower tends to be less expensive than whole flower buds by volume, so it’s more cost-effective on multiple fronts. Of course, the price of pre-ground flower depends on multiple factors, including potency and brand, so pre-ground isn’t always the cheaper option. 

grass pre-ground cannabis at CULTA

If you’re interested in purchasing pre-ground flower, you’re in luck. With grass, we bring our patients high-quality, pre-ground flower at an affordable price. Head into our Baltimore dispensary for more information about our grass products.