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Why Are CULTA Pre-Rolls Incredible?

person holding cannabis pre-roll

If you’ve seen an increase in the amount and variety of pre-roll products behind the counter at cannabis dispensaries, you’re not imagining things -- pre-rolls are exploding in popularity. So, exactly how popular are they? Pre-rolls skyrocketed from $406 million in sales and 7.9% market share in 2018 to $1.5 billion in sales and 12.7% market share in 2022. In 2023, marijuana pre-rolls are growing at a rate of 12% year-over-year, making them the fastest-growing cannabis product in the legal cannabis market! 

Why are pre-rolls so popular? 

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind this recent surge in pre-roll popularity before discussing why CULTA pre-rolls simply can’t be beat. 

Pre-rolls are easy to use 

One of the reasons behind the popularity surge is that pre-rolls are incredibly easy to use. They don’t have a learning curve and don’t require a ton of fancy equipment. All you need is a lighter, match, stove, or basically any fire source, and you’re good to go. As more and more states legalize adult use, more and more individuals are trying marijuana for the first time, which likely explains their popularity. Whether you’ve never smoked (or simply haven’t smoked since the 80s), pre-rolls are one of the most basic ways to consume marijuana. They’re also incredibly easy to dose. When you’re working with whole flower that you grind down, it can be difficult to determine how much marijuana is in your joint. With pre-rolls, you’ll automatically know if you smoked a full-gram or half-gram joint -- no need for any math! 

Pre-rolls are a great “on-the-go” alternative  

Though consuming cannabis at home is ideal for many, some prefer to have a convenient on-the-go option. Ryan Nessa, CULTA’s ERP manager, agrees, saying, “I generally prefer flower or buds. However, when I’m not at home, a PRJ is the best alternative.” Since they usually come in a pack that looks like a pack of cigarettes or a convenient tin, you also won’t have to worry about odors escaping from the packaging. If you plan to travel with your marijuana, make sure to review your state’s laws for consumption and transportation. We cannot stress enough how important it is to adhere to state laws. 

They’re budget-friendly 

Not only are pre-rolls easy to use and convenient, but they can also save you a lot of money in the long run. With pre-rolls, you don’t have to worry about buying grinders, rolling papers, or other accessories. Most dispensaries also offer pre-rolls in singles or doubles, so you’ll be able to try new strains or terpene profiles without having to worry about “wasting” cannabis if the strain isn’t your thing. Whether you’re on a budget or want to try something new, pre-rolls are as budget-friendly as cannabis products come.

What makes CULTA pre-rolls a superior choice? 

Unfortunately, with an increase in popularity comes an increase in mediocre products, which means you’ll need to be extra selective with which pre-rolls you choose. As a leader in the legal cannabis market and one of the first marijuana companies in the state, CULTA pre-rolls simply can’t be beat. Here are a few reasons why our pre-rolls stand out from the competition. 

We have a (good) reputation 

As one of the leading cannabis cultivators in Maryland, we’ve earned quite a positive reputation throughout the years. In 2022, we won the Best Grower of the Year award, in 2023 “Poochie Love” won Best Hybrid Strain, and our outdoor cultivation is Clean Green Certified. We’re able to work with the brightest minds in the industry and are constantly working on new products and innovations. By purchasing pre-rolls from a company that’s the best of the best, you  know that what’s inside is the best, too. 

We’re meticulous about farming 

Our entire livelihood revolves around the cannabis plant. We do everything we can to produce the healthiest plants and the best-quality products. From air quality to the growing medium, we take every aspect of cultivation seriously because it all culminates into the very best marijuana for our patients. Our outdoor farm is Clean Green Certified. . We have a state-of-the-art vertical-grow PIPP stack system. We harvest with the utmost care. You can learn more about our indoor and outdoor growing and farming processes here

We have a super huge selection 

At CULTA, we’re all about selection. Not only do we offer a huge variety of different products (including edibles, vapes, whole flower, and extracts), but within those product verticals, we offer a variety of different choices. For pre-rolls specifically, we carry several varieties, including indica, sativa, and hybrid. We also offer different levels of THC, CBD, and other top cannabinoids, so you can find exactly the pre-roll you need for your specific needs. 

Have questions? Curious about our selection of pre-rolls? Pop into our Federal Hill dispensary or either of our partner dispensaries (Greenhouse Wellness in Ellicott City or Kannavis in Frederick) to discuss our pre-rolls with one of our helpful and knowledgeable patient coordinators.