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Cannabis Pre-Rolls: Benefits and Things to Consider

Cannabis pre-rolls, as you probably guessed by the name, are ready-to-go joints that are conveniently pre-rolled for you. They’re a popular way to consume cannabis and can be purchased at virtually any medical dispensary. Although patients can purchase single pre-rolls, they’re often sold in sealed packs that contain more than one pre-roll. While some patients may refer to them as “joints,” pre-rolls have become the industry-preferred term now that cannabis has become a regulated product in the U.S. 

If you’re curious about pre-roll benefits or have other questions about pre-rolls, join us as we explore pre-rolls more in-depth in this blog. 

Pre-rolls vs joints: What’s the difference? 

There really is no difference between pre-rolls and joints -- it’s just that pre-rolls are the industry-preferred term for a joint. The term “joint” is an old-school, slang way to refer to pre-rolls, and the term is often used by older generations. If you’re purchasing the product from a dispensary, it’s best to refer to it as a pre-roll vs a joint, as that’s the preference of cannabis manufacturers, dispensaries, and industry employees. Plus, it makes you sound like a more informed and professional customer. 

Types of pre-rolls 

As with many other types of cannabis products, there are different types of pre-rolls that you can purchase. Pre-rolls are often strain-specific and tend to be one of the following: 

  • Indica- Indica strains are believed  to produce feelings of calm and/or sleepiness. Indica strains are believed to cause less paranoia and anxiety and, if they have a significant amount of CBD, they may  help reduce inflammation and help with body pain. 
  • Sativa- Sativa can be thought of as the opposite of indica: sativa may  help boost creativity and probably won’t make patients feel as tired or drowsy. Patients who are more prone to feelings of anxiety or paranoia may have a difficult time with sativa strains. 
  • Hybrid- Hybrid pre-rolls fall somewhere between indica and sativa. Each strain of cannabis is unique, especially so with hybrid strains. Patients may need to do a little more research or speak with their certifying provider or budtender to find a hybrid strain that’s right for them. 

As you can see, each pre-roll you see for sale in a dispensary has its own benefits that depend on your desired outcome. Some pre-rolls may even be higher in CBD (or contain only CBD) so, when purchasing a pre-roll, be sure to speak with your budtender -- he or she will help you find a pre-roll strain that’s right for you and your individual medical situation. 

Benefits of pre-rolls 

When it comes to purchasing pre-rolls vs other types of cannabis products, there are some advantages to keep in mind. Here are just a few benefits of pre-rolls: 

  • Avoid the mess
  • They’re portable
  • More consistent
  • Can try different stains
  • Disposable

Avoid the mess 

Purchasing pre-rolls directly from a dispensary can help patients avoid messy situations, particularly if they typically assemble their own pre-rolls. By purchasing a pre-roll, patients won’t have to deal with the mess of grinding their own flower and using rolling papers to assemble their own pre-rolls. If you’ve never done it before, assembling your own pre-rolls is much harder (and more wasteful) than it looks! 

They’re portable 

Most pre-rolls come in a pack that resembles a pack of cigarettes, making them easy to transport and store. For medical cannabis patients, this is especially beneficial, as they’ll always have their medication with them when they need it. If you’re a patient, we recommend brushing up on your state’s laws for consumption and transportation before transporting your medication. 

More consistent 

Any medical cannabis patient can tell you that consistency is key. With pre-rolls, medical cannabis patients can be confident that each of their pre-rolls contains an exact amount of flower. This way, you’ll know exactly how many milligrams of THC or CBD you’re getting in each pre-roll, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of properly dosing your medication.  

Can try different strains 

If you’d like to try a new strain or terpene profile, purchasing pre-rolls are a great way to do it. Since most pre-rolls can be purchased in singles or doubles, you’ll be able to sample new strains and see how they affect you without “wasting” cannabis. 


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of pre-rolls is that they don’t require any special equipment or skillset to use. If you’re a new patient and aren’t ready to invest in any smoking tools or worry about your ability to roll your own pre-rolls (as we’ve mentioned before, it’s harder than it looks!) purchasing a pre-roll may be the right choice for you. 

Where you purchase from matters 

As with other cannabis products, it’s important to purchase your pre-rolls from a certified and professional dispensary, like CULTA. We carry several varieties of pre-rolls, including indica, sativa, and hybrid flower. We always recommend that patients, especially brand new ones, begin with the lowest possible dose and increase their medication dosage from there. Check out our new patient FAQs here

Have questions? Curious about our pre-roll offerings? Stop by our Federal Hill dispensary today for more information about our pre-rolls. Our friendly patient coordinators are ready to help.