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Want to Work in the Cannabiz? Here are Six Jobs to Consider

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If you want to get your feet wet in the cannabis industry, a great way to do so is by being hired for an entry-level position. Since you can’t “major” in budtending, packaging, or cultivating, many seasoned cannabis employees get their start working on the ground floor in a medical dispensary. From an Extraction Technician to a Post-Harvest Associate, here are a few jobs in the cannabis industry that might pique your interest.

Dispensary Packager

It may sound pretty straightforward, but a Dispensary Packager does more than just put cannabis into mylar bags or jars. Yes, that’s part of it (and a big part of it), but they’re also responsible for weighing the cannabis, maintaining quality control and sanitation measures, and ensuring that all packages and labels meet the requirements of all federal and state laws. Although this position is typically entry-level, prior product knowledge or experience in the cannabis industry and a thorough understanding of cannabis regulations are usually highly desired, if not required. 

Extraction Technician

An Extraction Technician is responsible for grinding and extracting cannabis for certain cannabis products, including concentrates, wax, and shatter. They’ll log data, clean and dry equipment, inspect machines for operational integrity, and perform quality checks on the final product. Most Extraction Technicians report directly to the Extraction Engineer and are responsible for bringing any discrepancies or issues with quality up with them. Working as an Extraction Technician is a great way to immerse yourself in the day-to-day operations of cannabis cultivation. 

Outdoor Cultivation Laborer

This is the perfect job for someone who loves to be outside and get their hands dirty. This individual will work with a team to monitor cannabis plant health and growth rates and will be responsible for daily scouting activities, daily plant feeding assessments, and will perform all cleaning operations throughout the grow facility. An Outdoor Cultivation Laborer is responsible for managing cannabis from seed to plant, which includes transplanting, cloning, pruning, harvesting, and trellising.

Post-Harvest Associate

Once the Outdoor Cultivation Laborer harvests the cannabis, in comes the Post-Harvest Associate. This person is responsible for assisting with all phases of “post-harvest”, which includes trimming, weighing, packaging, and labeling cannabis. Like the Dispensary Packager, the Post-Harvest Associate must maintain accuracy and ensure that all packaging meets the requirements of applicable laws. They’ll also make sure that all weighing equipment is certified, calibrated, and kept up-to-date. A good work ethic, attention to detail, and exceptional organizational skills are required.


A budtender is the colloquial term for what we refer to as our Patient Coordinators. Budtenders work within a dispensary and help medicinal cannabis patients find the right product. They are the first person a patient sees, so they are quite literally the “face” of most dispensaries. On a day-to-day basis, Patient Coordinators can expect to educate patients about cannabis, facilitate sales transactions, and engage with patients in conversation. They should be well-rounded individuals with a background in customer service who work best as part of a team. To learn more about what a Patient Coordinator does, check out our Career Spotlight. 

Cannabis Marketing

Not every cannabis job involves cultivating or working behind a counter. Most cannabis brands employ an entire marketing team (who do you think is writing this blog!?), and some of those positions don’t require much experience. Some entry-level marketing jobs you’ll find in the cannabis industry include: social media specialists, SEO specialists, photographers, content marketers, web developers, and graphic designers, just to name a few! General requirements for cannabis marketers include a Bachelor’s degree and/or a few years of experience in the field they’re applying for. 

Work at CULTA

As one of the fastest-growing cannabis dispensaries on the East Coast, we’re frequently hiring for a variety of entry-level positions, including some of the positions you just read about. Whether you’re interested in working at our flagship dispensary in Federal Hill, our state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor grow facility and warehouse in Cambridge, or our corporate office in Bethesda, keep an eye on our job board for our latest hiring news.