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What are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis in Maryland?

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Are you trying to find out if you qualify for medical cannabis in Maryland? Medical cannabis is legal in the state of Maryland and offers many benefits to patients. However, registering as a medical cannabis patient requires a few steps. To start, you’ll need to determine if you have one or more of the MMCC qualifying conditions for cannabis use. 

MMCC stands for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. This state commission regulates medical cannabis certification in Maryland and sets guidelines for patients, caregivers, and medical providers. Patients must fit the requirements for MMCC qualifying conditions to be eligible to use cannabis for medicinal reasons in Maryland.

While some people believe all states have the same eligibility requirements for medical cannabis, this isn’t true. In Maryland, only certain conditions can qualify a patient to receive MMCC certification. Let’s take a deeper look at medical cannabis in Maryland and MMCC qualifying conditions:

History of MMCC in Maryland

Cannabis has a rich history in Maryland. In the 1600s, farmers in Maryland were actually required to grow hemp. It was one of the most popular crops in the state. Hemp was even used as legal tender! Over time, however, hemp and cannabis fell out of favor among Marylanders. 

Cannabis was illegal in Maryland until 2003, when the Darrell Putman Compassionate Use Act established the first protections for medical cannabis patients. In the years that followed, additional legislation paved the way for legal medical use. Medical cannabis became fully legalized in 2014.

The "Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission" was established during this time. Natalie M. LaPrade was the mother of a Baltimore City Delegate, Cheryl Glenn. After her mother passed away from a long battle with cancer, Ms. Glenn believed medical cannabis would have eased her pain. She began to advocate for legalized medical cannabis in Maryland. The MMCC is named in her honor.

With the MMCC’s assistance, the first dispensaries in Maryland opened in 2017. Today, the MMCC oversees all licensing, registration, and inspection of medical cannabis facilities in Maryland. The MMCC is an important resource for any Marylander interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient.

How to get MMCC certification in Maryland

If you’d like to use medical cannabis in Maryland, first you’ll need to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. Discuss your medical history, treatment options, and current diagnoses. Your doctor can help you determine if your symptoms are among the list of MMCC qualifying conditions. 

Next, visit the official MMCC website. The MMCC has a link for an easy patient registration form, which you can submit online. If you’re an adult over 18, you will need the following for your MMCC application:

  • Your 9 digital Social Security Number
  • Proof of Maryland residency (such as a utility bill, MVA license, or recent pay stub)
  • A government-issued ID

If you are seeking medical cannabis for a patient under 18, you must provide additional proof of your caregiver relationship (such as birth certificate or adoption form), a notarized minor patient form, and a Caregiver ID card.

After submitting your application, you’ll receive information for doctors in the MMCC database. Contact one of these registered providers. They will evaluate your health, confirm that you have one or more MMCC qualifying conditions, then issue your MMCC certification for medical cannabis. Once you’re certified, you can visit a dispensary like CULTA and begin to legally purchase and use medical cannabis.

List of MMCC qualifying conditions

Maryland residents will qualify for MMCC certification for medical cannabis if they have one or more of the following conditions:

Medical cannabis may offer relief from pain, stimulate appetite, reduce psychological symptoms, and provide other benefits to patients with these conditions. Many patients discover that medical cannabis provides relief where traditional treatment did not. 

Patients may also be eligible if they suffer from another severe, chronic medical condition, for which other medicine or treatments are ineffective. Be sure to speak to your primary care provider as well as your MMCC doctor for more information.

Restrictions to keep in mind

Once you’re approved by the MMCC, you can begin using cannabis to treat your qualifying medical condition. However, remember that recreational cannabis is still illegal in Maryland. It is also illegal to transport cannabis across state lines, even if you are a registered patient. And, it should go without saying, that purchasing cannabis for others is against the law. Also, please keep in mind that Maryland does not accept medical cards from other states. 

Where to find medical cannabis in Maryland

Thanks to the MMCC and the laws providing for legal medical cannabis in Maryland, there are many dispensaries serving patients. CULTA offers premium medical cannabis, including flower, edibles, tinctures, CBD products, and more. Our cannabis products are created with the utmost care for all Maryland patients. Have questions? Need help? Review our Medical Cannabis in Maryland: New Patient FAQs or head into our dispensary to speak with a patient coordinator.