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Six Things We Love About Maryland Cannabis

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It’s officially February, and love is in the air! Call us crazy, but one of the things we love most in life is Maryland-grown cannabis. We might be a little biased, though! Whether you prefer to roll your own joints or make your own edibles, there are lots of reasons to love Maryland-grown cannabis. From stimulating the economy to influencing legalization efforts, here are six reasons why cannabis grown in Maryland might just be the best cannabis in the world. 

You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

When you buy cannabis from CULTA, did you know you’re purchasing cannabis that has been grown both indoors and outdoors? We were the first company to have a legal outdoor-grow east of the Mississippi, and we’re expanding and improving it all the time. Most recently, we expanded our outdoor grow operation from one to three acres, which is huge growth from the 20,000 square-foot indoor cultivation center we started out with. And we put a ton of investment into our technology and equipment, too -- all to bring you the very best cannabis Maryland has to offer. 

It's Clean (Well, Ours Is at Least)

At CULTA, we care about producing a high-quality product that not only smells and tastes great but doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and is grown ethically and sustainably (unlike some other commercial cannabis companies.) We’re proud to say that all our outdoor-grown cannabis is  Clean Green Certified®, which is a label reserved for top cannabis processors who meet a myriad of strict requirements, including: 

  • Sustainability- All certified farmers use natural pesticides and pest control methods, which are maintained under organically based regulations. 
  • Compliance- The Clean Green Certified® program ensures their farmers and processors are legally compliant in the state in which they operate. 

Clean Green Certified® is recognized as having the highest levels of standards in the world. So, by purchasing cannabis from a Clean Green Certified® cultivator (like our outdoor strains!) you can rest assured that you’re enjoying only the highest quality cannabis around. Learn more about CULTA’s certification here. 

Our State Has Influence 

Our headquarters are only 20 minutes from Washington D.C., so our state has some influence when it comes to legislation and cannabis decriminalization on a federal level. We work with the local community and hope that our success is a shining light in the fight to legalize cannabis. We’re proud to say that Maryland delegate Jazz Lewis pre-filed a bill to legalize cannabis in 2021, claiming “we have the data and popular opinion on our side to end prohibition.” His current plan would legalize and regulate the cannabis industry, expunge past convictions, and reinvest in communities hit hardest by laws. Needless to say, we’re on board with the movement! 

Plus, we’re a really good model for other states (you might even go so far as to call us an “influencer”). We hope to see states across America go legal with medicinal cannabis and are proud to be their model.

You're Stimulating the Economy 

Every time you purchase cannabis that’s grown in Maryland, you’re stimulating the economy more than a stimulus check ever could. According to one study, the formation of a medical cannabis program has had a drastic effect on Maryland’s economy. Per the report, Maryland’s cannabis growing and processing businesses helped create more than 4,000 jobs and generated $21.7 million in tax revenue -- all during the first few years of legal operation alone. Learn more about all the good you’re doing for the economy when you purchase Maryland-grown cannabis here. 


Bonus: more than half of state tax revenue is being spent on education and healthcare initiatives, so you’re helping those who need it most! 

You Can Get a Degree in Cannabis

If you’ve always wanted to major in cannabis, you’re in luck! Maryland’s biggest university, the University of Maryland, Baltimore, offers a two-year Master of Science (M.S.) in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. The program is the nation’s first graduate program dedicated to medical cannabis and blends online instruction with face-to-face experiences. It provides education in the following areas: 

  • Basic science (pharmacology, chemistry, and medical cannabis delivery systems) 
  • Clinical uses (pathophysiology, assessment, and management of conditions that may be treated by medical cannabis
  • Adverse effects and public health considerations 
  • Federal and state law and policies 

Since its launch, the program has shown growth, and nearly 70% of its students are women. The program is perfect for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and currently work or are interested in working in the medical cannabis industry. Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2021 admission. Learn more about the program and how to apply here. 

Also, hilariously enough, the University of Maryland’s athletic teams are collectively referred to as the Terrapins, or Terps for short. Terps, in the cannabis world, are the aroma compounds produced in the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant. So it’s only fitting they’d offer a degree in cannabis!

Cookies (Need We Say More?)

Did you know that CULTA was the first East Coast retailer to ink a deal with Cookies? This means that Maryland medical cannabis patients just like you were the first on the East Coast to have direct legal access to popular Cookies strains like Cereal Milk, Cheetah Piss, and Gary Payton. Talk about cool! Since our first Cookies drop on January 11, 2020, we’ve had 14 subsequent drops and cannot wait to welcome Berner, Powerzzzup, and the rest of the Cookies team back to our dispensary for more. 

Can’t seem to get your hands on Cookies? Want to relive the first Cookies drop with us? Check out the interview we had with Berner in September. 

So, What Do You Love?

So, what do you love most about cannabis in Maryland? Let us know the next time you visit us in our flagship dispensary store, especially if the thing you love most is us! Looking for even more things to love about Maryland? Check out Five Things We Love About Federal Hill, Baltimore.