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Brand Spotlight: Robhots Edibles

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In case you missed the news, we recently partnered with Robhots Edibles, a Colorado-based manufacturer of gummy edibles for medical and recreational cannabis markets.  We’re super excited about the partnership because this means we’ll be able to bring quality edibles to our patients. So, who is Robhots and what does this partnership mean for patients in Maryland? Read on to learn more about Robhots; a leader in the cannabis edibles space and CULTA’s newest partner. 

Who is Robhots? 

Robhots began in 2014 with a passion for edibles and the way patients benefit from their effectiveness. Though they were officially established in Colorado Springs in 2015, they’ve quickly racked up some serious notoriety. They were Leaflink’s top-selling medical gummies two years in a row across 26 territories and were the first company in Colorado to infuse gummies with cannabis distillate. 

The company started as an at-home edible operation, after Robhots founder Zach Romey grew tired of not being able to find a quality and consistent edible in the Colorado marketplace. They debuted in October 2015 with eight different flavors of a 125 mg single-serve gummy, eventually expanded into the recreational market, and debuted a wellness line called Robhots Plus in 2021. They’ve been featured in High Times Magazine, among other publications, and have won multiple awards, including First Place Gummies at the Connoisseur Cup Finals in 2019. Needless to say, we’re in good company! 

What’s with the name? 

It might look weird, but Robhots is simply pronounced like “robots.” And yes, there’s a reason behind the misspelling! (Is it still a misspelling if it’s on purpose, though!?) The original gummies were in the shape of a robot, and were infused with butane hash oil (BHO.) So, their original brand was “Ro(bho)ts”, spelled with BHO in the middle and pronounced like “robots.” 

When they rebranded in 2016 to comply with new Colorado regulations, they changed the shape of their gummies and switched from BHO to raw THC distillate. THC distillate is not only the most pure form of THC, but it’s mostly tasteless. This change allowed their flavors to be more consistent and to shine through better than before. Maybe those new regulations weren’t so bad after all!

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What makes their edibles different?

Unlike many edibles manufacturers, Robhots focused on creating gummies for medical patients and recreational users, and approaches the two markets differently. For the medical market, their focus is on creating a gummy that's high dose and low sugar. Additionally, they’re intent on giving patients a variety of flavors and varieties to choose from. Since distilled THC oil is fully activated, patients don’t have to wait for their body to activate the THC, meaning they’ll feel the effects faster than they would with other edibles. Plus, unlike other edibles with terpenes added, patients won’t taste hash or plant byproducts in the Robhots recipe. 

Other benefits of Robhots gummies include: 

  • Robhots uses small batch automation, which guarantees quality and consistency in every bite. 
  • Their gelatin gummies are soft, sugar coated, and easy to chew. 
  • Each gluten-free gummy has 3g of sugar or less. 
  • Every gummy is evenly infused, meaning patients can eat ¼ or ½ a gummy for less effect. 

As we expanded into the edibles space, it was really important for us to partner with a high caliber company like Robhots,” said Michelle Sprawls, CULTA’s director of science. “Robhots will make an excellent addition to the Maryland edibles market with their consistent formulations, robust offerings and quality ingredients.” 

What does this mean for Maryland patients? 

So, what does this partnership mean for you as one of CULTA’s patients? This means that beginning in June 2022, you’ll have access to top-notch cannabis gummies. We have a full edibles kitchen built in our Cambridge facility, which means we have the dedicated space and expert staff necessary to manufacture these new gummies.

“We have confidence in CULTA after meeting the team and touring the facility,” said Zach Romey, Robhots Founder and CEO. “At this point I’ve toured facilities all over the nation in all phases of cannabis production, and CULTA’s facility is second to none. We couldn’t be happier to have our products come out of the CULTA facility.”

As part of our new partnership, CULTA will produce four variety packs. Each gummy contains 10mg of high-quality THC oil and there’s 100mgs total in each bottle. And, true to Robhots focus on variety, there are three flavor profiles to choose from -- Reds (strawberry kiwi, tropical punch, watermelon), Berries (cherry, grape, strawberry), and Exotics (guava, pomegranate, mango-melon.) Patients who want to add cannabinol (CBN) and melatonin to their evening routine can turn to Robhots PLUS Night Time (blackberry, blueberry, plum.) Patients will be able to get their hands on the Robhots Exotics variety pack, which will be available for purchase at the end of June. 

Buy Robhots gummies at CULTA

If you’d like to add Robhots edibles to your routine, head to our Baltimore dispensary to discuss our different options with a patient coordinator. If you’re new to edibles and want more information, check out our beginner’s guides: Edibles 101 and Gummies 101.