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The Breeders Behind Cookies

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Perhaps no other cannabis strain in the world has spread further and faster in its reputation than "Cookies" (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). First bred in a garage in the Sunset District of San Francisco, Cookies continued to introduce legendary strains like Cherry Pie, Gelato, London Pound Cake 75 (LPC75) and more.

In this article, we will uncover the story of the Cookies crew and learn how a strain gave birth to a company and an entire Instagram cannabis culture. Ladies and gentlemen, meet important members of the Cookies Fam!

The Founding of Cookies

The story of Cookies is inextricably connected with Cookies Fam, as it was the strain that named them and made them famous. Both San Francisco natives and inspired by the city’s medicinal cannabis culture, Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. (aka Berner) and Jai (“Jigga”) founded Cookies in 2010. By breeding and growing plants using knowledge passed down from his mother and articles in magazines, Jigga is the original geneticist behind these iconic strains, keeping the genetics exclusively held within Cookies nurseries.

The Team Behind Cookies Fam

Although Berner is the operational mastermind behind the Cookies brand, its heart is a team of talented breeders and partner brands. The Cookies Fam includes luminaries such as Jigga, Seed Junky Genetics and Ken Dumetz (aka PieGuy, aka Powerzzzup),


Nowadays, Jigga is still the primary geneticist expert for Cookies Fam. Focused on consultation and activism, he is openly promoting the healing powers of cannabis in mainstream media.

Seed Junky Genetics

Minntz was born from the partnership of legendary brands Seed Junky Genetics in LA and Cookies. Seed Junkies' strains are derived from a lineage of exceptional breeders, specifically JBeezy, who are now producing craft flowers; their commitment to craft and quality made them a natural fit for a partnership with Cookies. Known for strains like Jealousy, Christmas Tree and the Soap, this is the first time the genetics bred by Seed Junky are sold as flower, pre-rolls and more.

Powerzzzup Genetics

Ken (aka PieGuy) and Jason Mejia grew up together in the Bay Area, meeting through friends and family all playing basketball. Ken started showing Jason how to grow, building trust and experimenting together through trial and error. The Powerzzzup duo became well known throughout the Bay Area and the cannabis industry in general, delivering quality genetics that were respected. Having watched the pair come up through the industry and being familiar with the popular product for so many years, Berner and Jigga got partnered with Powerzzzup.

“I met Jigga as a youth at SF park and Eureka Valley Recreation Center,” Ken said. “As the years went by, our mutual love of the plant brought us closer and began smoking and playing in sports leagues. Later he introduced me to who was Gil [Gilbert Milam, later named Berner] at the time.”

“Our collaboration with Cookies was built off of friendships, good herb and the welcoming, all-family environment,” says Ken. “It has been a long road but the timing of things has never been questioned because after each of our different roads and experiences, I think we gave it over to faith a long time ago. We’re all ready to launch our world class genetics to the masses.”

Cookies and Powerzzzup represents a full circle moment for both partners, delivering a product that’s for the connoisseur and hails from their hometown. With respected cultivations like Snowman, Cereal Milk, and Gary Payton, you can expect Powerzzzup to continue to R&D new strains. 

Brands Associated with Cookies

Cookies has come a long way since Berner, Jigga and Ken organized free smoke sessions in San Francisco. Nowadays, the Cookies Fam includes brands like Lemonnade, Runtz, Powerzzzup, Minntz, and Grandiflora Genetics, consolidating the top talent in cannabis breeding.

The Future of Cookies Fam

Today, Cookies Enterprises is a major player in the global cannabis growing industry, with over 75 cannabis strains and products in its portfolio. Across their massive growing facilities, Cookies and its family of brands are focused on preserving and cultivating rare strains, using the latest technology to provide premium products to cannabis consumers all over the country.

The partnership between CULTA and Cookies is the latest in a series of efforts of the NorCal outfit to bring their premium genetics on the East Coast. “Taking this extra step with CULTA was a no-brainer after seeing that quality is their primary focus," said Berner about his new venture. "I'm looking forward to expanding with CULTA and deepening our incredible menu in Maryland."