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Our Growing Process

At CULTA, our livelihood revolves around the cannabis plant. We do everything we can to produce the healthiest plants and the best-quality product. From air quality to growing medium, we take every aspect of cultivation seriously because it all culminates into the very best cannabis for our patients. Here is more information about our indoor and outdoor cultivation processes.

Outdoor Cultivation

As the East Coast’s first outdoor cultivator, we’re proud of our outdoor cultivation facility in Cambridge. With the success of our historic 2019 harvest, we invested heavily in automation technology and state-of-the-art equipment. In 2020, we expanded our commercial cannabis facility, and tripled the cultivation acreage. Currently, CULTA’s outdoor facility sits on three acres and is believed to be the largest outdoor cultivation center east of the Mississippi.

Since we are continually expanding, our cultivators must be well-versed in both cannabis production and farm infrastructure. A daily task can range anywhere from using a microscope while looking for pests, to driving a tractor or forklift. This means continual growth and education of our staff is a must. We aim to not only produce high-quality flower, but also teach the science and philosophy behind it as well.

We use only natural-based products and were the first organically managed farm in Maryland to be certified by Clean Green Certified. Clean Green Certified is the largest and most award-winning cannabis certification program in the world, and all certified facilities must meet strict eligibility requirements.

By using no-till practices as well as beneficial insects as part of our IPM (integrated pest management), we strive to pair proven organic methods with new cannabis technology. This often means more labor from our dedicated staff, but the resulting terpenes and environmental sustainability are worth it!

Our Cambridge facility is home to approximately 3,300 cannabis plants in addition to beneficial native plants that were landscaped in the surrounding fields and pond. One acre sits under a retractable Cravo system, meaning our cannabis plants can enjoy optimal outdoor conditions and be shielded from inclement weather.

Indoor Cultivation

Our 20,000 square foot indoor facility utilizes a multi-stack LED grow and relies heavily on automation. Because of our state-of-the-art vertical-grow PIPP stack system, we’re able to grow four times the amount of flower than other indoor facilities of the same size. Each plant is hand-harvested, bucked, trimmed, and whole plant hung in order to preserve as much flavor and potency as possible.

Unlike our outdoor facility, we’re able to influence the pH of the water, and the wavelengths, duration, and intensity of the light, helping us create an optimum environment for our cannabis plants. We use high-pressure sodium (HPS) in conjunction with light-emitting diode (LED) lights, as they use less energy and increase the production of secondary metabolites (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.), which are the main components we grow cannabis for. Our Priva fertigation system allows us to specify how much water and food our plants receive.

Our indoor facility is built to medical-grade code, meaning it has the same cleanliness standards as a hospital or medical facility. All our HVAC and electrical systems are located on the outside of the cultivation room to prevent cross-contamination.


Our Soil, Seeds, and Phenotypes

We use coconut coir as our growing medium for our plants. Since coir is a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of a coconut, it’s organic and environmentally friendly. As far as pest control goes, we use beneficial predatory insects and incorporate “natural enemies” into the biome, allowing us to use less pesticides and chemicals to control pests and pathogens. This, combined with compost teas, cover crops, living mulch, companion plants, and wildflowers allow us to create the ultimate natural biome for our plants.

Starting from seed and choosing from our extensive seed bank, we are continually able to bring our patients unique and high-quality products. Our flowers continue to mature and produce potent profiles as we hone in on our preferred phenotypes, including two of our most popular strains, Dosido 22/22 and Dosido 22/16. Our extensive pheno-hunting process means we can continue to bring our patients beautiful, flavorful, effective cannabis.


Now that you know more about our indoor and outdoor cultivation process, here’s what we do when plants are ready for harvest:

  1. A typical flowering cycle is 63 days, and we always harvest the whole plant.
  2. First, we defoliate the fan leaves.
  3. Next, we cure in the curing room for 10-14 days to achieve our target moisture content.
  4. An additional full week of flushing allows us a very clean product without sacrificing yields or quality.
  5. Plants are placed in sealed bins for another 10-14 days.
  6. At this point, the plants are trimmed by our dedicated staff.
  7. Finally, the flowers are sealed in airtight buckets for another 7-10 days before they’re sent to our CULTA Baltimore, CULTA Urbana, Greenhouse Wellness, and Partner dispensaries.

Our Flowers: Strains and Lineage 

CULTA works with national brands and talented cultivators to find and grow the best medicine possible. We also want our patients to have an understanding of the lineage of the strain they are buying. While these strains are not all available year-round, you can search availability in our online menu or at a CULTA partner dispensary.



92 Cookies & Dream

92 OG x (Cookies and Dream x Ghost OG) Blue Dream x Girl Scout Cookie

Blue Dream OG

Blue Dream x SFV OG

Cake Face;

Animal Face x Face Off OG

Citrus Rush

Skunk Tangerine x Dosido

Cookies & Cream (WR)

Mystery Cookies x Starfighter F2

Diesel Dough

Sour Diesel x Dosido

Donkey Butter

Grease Monkey x Triple OG


Wedding Cake x Dosido


Lemon Tree x Dosido

Dosido 22/16

OGKB x Face Off OG (Pheno 22 / Cut 16)

Dosido 22/22

OGKB x Face Off OG  (Pheno- 22 / Cut 22)

Dosido 9

OGKB x Face Off OG  Pheno - 9

Formula One

Secret Formula x Face Off OG

Gelato 25 x Dosido

Gelato 25 x Dosido

Gelato 41 x Dosido

Gelato 41 x Dosido

Grapefruit Sour Dream

Grapefruit Sour Diesel x Cookies and Dream


Chem 91 Skunk VA cut x Face Off OG

Holy Roller

Big Sur Holy Weed x Dosido

Humboldt Legacy

Legend OG x Humboldt Snow

Island Girl

Malawi x (95’ NL5 x Haze f2) x (Sensi-star x Molokai Frost) x Dosido

Lavender Jack (WR)

Jack Herer x Wookie

Lemon G x Chem de la Chem

Lemon G x Chem de la Chem

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Skunk x Cookies and Cream

Light Speed

(Lemon Peel x Dosido) x MoonBow #75

Lost Cause

Amnesia Haze x Dosido

Mango (WR)

Mango x African Land Race

Memory Loss

Amnesia Haze x Face Off OG

Moon Boots

White Tahoe Cookies x Moon Bow #75

Petro Chem

Gorilla Glue 4 x Moon Bow #75

Planet Purple

Sherbidos x Moon Bow #75

Poochie Love

PNWD x Face Off OG

Purple Wookie

Road Kill Unicorn F3 x Wookie 15

Rainbow Belts

Zkittles x Moon Bow #75

Rainbow Wreck

Trainwreck x Moon Bow #75

Rocket Fuel

Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG


ACDC x F4 Blueberry

Rose Gold

Pineapple Express x Moon Bow #75

Scooby Snacks 2

Platinum GSC x Face Off OG Pheno - 2

Scooby Snacks 6

Platinum GSC x Face Off OG Pheno - 6

Secret Stash

White Fire x Face Off BX2

SFV OG x Chem de la Chem

SFV OG x Chem de la Chem


Lambsbread Sour Diesel x DJ Short F4 Blueberry

Sister City

Chem Sis x Original NYC Diesel

Soul Safari

Malawi Gold x Northern Lights Haze x Face Off OG

Space Face

Skywalker OG x Face Off OG

Space Walker

Headband x Dosido x Moon Bow #75

Sugar Biscuits

Animal Cookies x Dosido

The Potion

Malawi x Dosido

The Sweeties

White Tahoe Cookies x Face Off OG

The Vision

Lemon G x Dosido


The Cube x Triple OG

White Gold

Biscotti x Dosido


Our Favorite Strains

CULTA takes pride in its consciously cultivated flower, concentrates and extracts. CULTA’s team would never sell you a product they wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves. That is the CULTA promise. In candid conversations, our leadership team reveal their favorite cannabis strains.